With his extensive life experience as a background, Bert was increasingly asked to share it. He has practiced Zen Meditation, Vipassana, Transcendental Meditation and all kinds of other things in the field of self-research.

Bert even found his own form of "Permanent Mediation". What is it like to be in a permanent state of meditation? Bert can tell you all about it. If you don't know how to enter the silence yet, you've come to the right place.

But not only that, he also uses his extensive theater experience in which he gets the best out of his players during these training sessions.

Bert also gives many lectures for a wide variety of companies with the main themes: Storytelling, personal development and sustainable entrepreneurship. He is also called the mastodon of sustainability. Together with Eckart Wintzen he was involved in the introduction of Social Venture Network in the Netherlands. He was also involved in Corporate Social Responsibility in the Netherlands. The term People Planet Profit was introduced and in that context he still lectures on the great transition facing humanity.

Although started out as a composer, theater and filmmaker, he increasingly prefers a position where he can inspire people. To allow his environment to reach full maturity and to be involved in creating a condition for this is what he is passionate about so that all kinds of beautiful projects for a better world are born.

The Water Lily.

I love the white water lily

as it is so white and its crown so quiet

unfolds in the light.

Rising from dark-cooling pond ground,

she has found and unlocked the light

then the golden heart glad.

Now she rests thoughtfully on the surface of the water

and wish no more.

(Frederik van Eeden)