Talking Trees is a partnership between Art and Science, where musicians, scientists and artists work together to make the invisible vibrations of nature around us tangible. Talking Trees does this by converting these vibrations into music and images. The concerts of Talking Trees are always unique because nature plays the leading role and the unpredictable is allowed in their performances. It is also called electro-impro. The music comes in all kinds of forms. Scores are printed and given to classical musicians, jazz musicians, new classic musicians and DJs. Bert's great ideal is to bring all these music streams together on a large stage for a grand concert. He works on that every day with his friends. On Soundcloud you can already listen to the various musical expressions and in the shop you can order the CDs and LPs. The following musical expressions have appeared so far.

01. Bert's solo concerts with Raw Data

02. Live concerts with sound alchemists in varying line-up Thijs Lodewijk (Ludowic), Scot Gresham Lancaster, Floris Kolvenbach, Hans Aalbers, Jorgen Brinkman, Dennis Verschoor, Dennis Sarcados Vigilia, Hans Meijer and Bert Barten

03. Classical concert with the 3 Violas

04. New Classic concert with Pieter Nooten and Bert Barten

05. DJ set with, in varying line-up, including Dimitri Kneppers, John Ackerman Ozgusc,